Community Standards

  1. Respect EVERYONE on the platform, NO excuses – Positive energy ONLY!
  2. We prohibit the sale or purchase of any illegal drugs. This includes non-medical drugs, pharmaceuticals, and marijuana.
  3. You must be 18 years of age to participate on the platform.
  4. No language that incites or facilitates violence.
  5. We do not allow for any organization, or individual, that proclaims a violent mission or engages in violence to have a presence on Chronic Roots. 
  6. We prohibit people from facilitating, organizing, promoting, or admitting to criminal or harmful acts targeted at people, businesses, property, or animals.
  7. There is a zero tolerance policy for all forms of bullying and/or harassment. 
  8. You can not post private or confidential information about others without consent. 
  9. Sexually explicit language or solicitation will result in your account becoming deactivated permanently.
  10. We do not allow for the use of fake accounts. This includes those who engage in behaviors that violate terms of use, or those who try to boost popularity of content and/or pages.

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